Microsoft Surface Pro

At last the gadget freaks got a device that can work the work of two different devices on one. Microsoft Surface Pro with 64 GB memory can accomplish the work of the laptop and tablet. It is a laptop in the skin of the tablet. The device is designed to fulfill the requirements of a person from the office to the living room. Now you have much more to see and share and actually you can do lots with Microsoft Surface. The clear type HD display (1920×1080 pixels resolution) will ensure that you have never-before experience with your display.

Thin to hold and light to touch, the device is easy to portable. The Microsoft Surface Pro has got many touch-enhanced applications which will give you the experience of the smooth running of software like you get on your desktop. The user has got the freedom to work the way he or she want to. Microsoft Surface Pro runs all the Windows 7 desktop applications and also gets integrated with the enterprise management. The device has the height of 6.8″ and width of 10.8″ and depth of 0.5″ having a slim appearance and weight 2 pounds, very light to handle.

Some of the important features of the product are-

1> Has support for full office- one can run Microsoft outlook, word, Share Point Designer, Power Point and others on Microsoft Office Pro.

2> Uses the Intel Core i5-3317U Processor with 1.7 GHz processor speed.

3> Has a resolution of 1920×1080 on a wide screen with a ratio of 16:9

4> The surface is well-finished having an elegant look. The finish has a smooth feel and look and seems durable.

5> The Microsoft Surface-Pro comes with a kickstand so that the users can have hands-free experience. One can use the surface stand while watching the movie or shooting video.

6> The device comes with a Stylus pen that allows one to note down ideas at any point. The stylus can be used as the replacement of the mouse very easily.

7> Now it is possible to add 64 GB extra storage by using the card slot for MicroSD. Enjoy movies or video shoot on the big screen.

8> The Wi-fi connectivity is built-in using wireless LAN and dual 2×2 MIMO antennas.

9> The device comes with front and back 720 pixels video cameras with HD. It is possible to have hands-free Skype video chat.

10> The device comes compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices e.g. wireless keyboard, mouse etc.

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The Android fans can run Android application on Surface Pro. The fantastic hardware used, faster speed than any other tablet based on ARM, extensive hardware compatibility, using more enterprise and business features as compared to any other similar device (the features ADS (active directory support), encryption for Bit locker, centrally managed, log-ins for multi use etc. and stylus (pressure sensitive feature) makes Microsoft Surface Pro one of the most preferred device for the users. The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with Windows 8 Pro that makes it one of the most powerful tablets and it is one of the fastest tablets of the recent time. Take one today. It the latest gadget for the gadget freaks.

Importance of tablets in business as well as student life

A lightweight tablet with long lasting battery backup is really helpful to a businessman or a student who needs to walk and roam around. A tablet with a large screen and streaming video potential is a lot more useful for movies. A low – ending tablet, which leads the market of short ending Google androids, may be bought for much less than the high – ending ones, which cost more than $600.


A survey of Nielsen Enterprise in 2011 revealed that 42 percent tablet owners use them to read their emails as well as social networking over and above the common web surfing while watching television. The shopper reports tell that the iPad’s four-sided screen is well suited to check out your emails, since it shows more mails than a vast, rectangular display, in your inbox. If you want to use your tablet by your residence or work, net may be accessed round the clock through Wi-Fi. A tablet with 3G or 4G is surely better to have if you require your tablet in streets.


The choice of the ideal interface should be made very carefully if a lot is to be written on your tablet. For track–and–peck typists a touch screen or contact keyboard is quite successful, but touch-typing may take away your work swiftness. A keyboard may be necessary for a few tablets, even though it makes them less potable. To write on iPad as well as Google android products, styluses too are handy. Selected tablets, like Android’s 5.0 working process, also facilitate tone-restricted access, just like frost – Cubes Cream squash in. The screen size is also imperative to judge to perfect lengthy documents, and a slighter screen reduces the amount you see without scrolling.


The shape of the computer screen should be taken into account if you are planning to assess the mobile media with the help of a tablet. A tablet with a broad parallel computer screen displays high resolution television as well as flicks better than the iPad’s quadrangle screen, according to the Consumer Reports. A tablet with brightness, in addition to a high resolution screen also makes a considerable difference. A common feature of tablets now-a-days is Wi-Fi, which can be used for watching videos without the 3G or 4G data structure. As per the MSNBC estimates of 2011, probably 75 percent of tablet users prefer only Wi-Fi. The Kindle Fire type tablets are suggested by CNET due to the fact that the latest releases are made available for streaming much quicker by Amazon than the Netflix.


Approximately 5,00,000 apps are in market for IOS devices according to the CNET records  of November 2011, whereas Android apps are more than two hundred and fifty in number. Apple provides greater protection from malware by using third party applications.


There are a lot of things to be considered while choosing between an iPad and an Android tablet. iPad 2 has lesser flash card slots and USB ports.

Choosing a gift can be an important task to accomplish

Among all the age group, childhood is the only phase during which a child eagerly waits to receive a gift from anyone, especially during some special occasions. Even all elderly people love to gift a child in order to see the unique happiness that would appear on the child’s face while getting something that would surely go well with his/her age. We all spend some quality time while going to a kid’s birthday party. The first and foremost thing we would do is to get something that will absolutely suit the age of the child who is the birthday boy or girl.

There are a plenty of options available while selecting a gift for a baby. The main thing is to plan a fixed budget that you desire to spend on obtaining a gift. The budget is the main thing that decides about the baby gift as there are different gifts available at different prices. Whatever a person chooses, one thing is for sure to make use of a cute and appealing baby gift basket, as a basket would add great value to the gift even it is not that expensive.

Next important thing that should be surely consider is the gender of the child whom the gift has to be presented. Please don’t fail to consider the gender as getting a pink dress for a baby boy or a car for a baby girl would never look good and would also give a bad impression of you being not at all attentive about the child while purchasing a gift.

If you are going to a boy’s birthday party then consider gifts option like cars, trucks, motorbikes and many such. If the birthday is of a girl child then choose options like a Barbie doll, soft toy, pillow or something like this. One gift that can be considered for both the gender child’s would be a dress. A dress is something that is a gift that can be surely used by the parents. It is always a wise thing to purchase a dress of a little bigger size as one that is bigger can be used afterward but one that is smaller cannot be used ever and would be a waste for the parent. So, if you are one who is planning to purchase a dress for the child then make sure to wisely consider the age and size of the child for whom the gift has to be given.

After choosing a gift does not forget to add colorful packing papers. Every child loves to receive gift and for them gift is a thing that is packed in colorful papers so make sure to add beautiful packing papers so that the child feels the happiest to receive it.

There are a number of shops that deal in the business of offering unique birthday gifts that too according to different age group and gender. Visiting one such shop would be the easiest and most convenient way to obtain a gift that would surely be liked by the child as well as the parents.

Online wedding flower suppliers can easily add that magical touch to your wedding venue

A wedding without flowers seems mild

Wedding is a very big event in the life of any person that requires hell lot of planning and preparations. This big day when the wedding bells ring for a couple it seems that the entire community along with friends and relatives are there to bless the ones tying the knot. Out of all the other preparations wedding flowers play a very important part in the wedding. They just don’t add color to any wedding while attenuating the decor but the flowers also add that magical touch while keeping the decoration simple, beautiful yet elegant. These flowers in the background not just add to the color but also put in a mesmerizing effect to the pictures thus making them appealing to look at it even after the functions get over.

Wedding flowers: finding them made easy via internet

Seeing the importance of flowers in a wedding, today many suppliers have started wedding flowers supply to help clients find the best flowers. As online shopping has changed the shopping world completely, today finding such flower suppliers online have turned easy. These flower boutiques have an array of arrangements whose pictures they display on the website to help clients know what their wedding venue would look like with the addition of flowers. One thing that must be considered before choosing a flower supplier is the occasion they usually deal with as different vendors have their own specific areas they excel in.

Online flower suppliers can help in decorating your wedding venue

When searching online, you should make sure that the vendor delivers flower in your locality. You needn’t worry if you are not sure about the design you wish to acquire with the flower arrangement on your wedding. What you simply need to do is tell the supplier about your requisite and plan you have on mind and let experts take control, who would surely come up with something that is marveling and will appeal to not just you but every guest who marks their attendance at the wedding.

You’re worried the time seems very less

Don’t panic, just relax and let the specialist in flower arrangement take control of the situation. It’s ok if the wedding has been planned in a hurry; you will easily find a wedding flower supplier who can deal with your situation while offering the best arrangement that is bound to add that magical touch to your wedding. There are many such suppliers easily available online who can offer best results even when the time is less. What you need is conveying them about the days that are left and your specific requirement, then just sit back and relax and get ready to get in return great results.

Just consider your budget before making any commitments

What people usually forget while planning a wedding is the budget they had initially set for making all arrangements. So, when committing and short listing a flower wedding supplier, just make sure they can offer you services within your anticipated budget. It’s ok to say that wedding occurs just once in life, but why break the bank and pay debt later if the same feel and ambience can be achieved in a lower budget with little negotiation and careful planning.

Get the spooky look for Halloween as its time to enjoy and get all dressed up

Don’t hurry while choosing the Halloween dress and makeup

Halloween is a time to enjoy and get all dressed up in costumes that can offer you a disguise appearance. Not just dresses, but the cosmetics too play an important part in Halloween planning which seems as an exciting activity for not just kids, but everyone. If not sure about what to buy, you can even go in for a DIY approach while designing a Halloween party dress for not just yourself but all the other members in the family and for your friends too. The market today offers plethora choices in not just dresses but cosmetics too that you can choose to create a unique party look and bag appreciations from everyone who sees you.

Choose a character first then move further

The first thing you must do when choosing a Halloween dress and makeup is the character you wish to dress up as. This will easily help you in making a list of the things you require to dress up and to closely resemble the character you’ve chosen for the Halloween day. It gets very easy to choose everything else after being sure about the character you wish to dress as which you can further change by adding your own personal touch through cosmetics and to finally get a look that best suits you and seems very attractive and appealing.

Add more to get that perfect final look

What you can add more to your Halloween dress to finish your look with more accuracy are marks or lashes or other elements that the real character has in actuality. It’s great to take a picture of that character and then go in for the preparations to depict the same as closely as possible. If confused about what to choose, you can easily find great options over the internet that you can preferably choose depending upon your needs, budget and of course your age and stature.

Cosmetic is also very important

Just wearing the dress or outfit that the character you are dressing as is not enough to get that final and appealing look. What you need more is using cosmetics to get that final and perfect look which you can easily do by self or while taking help from a friend or relative. You must also do the hair styling as the character does to actually bring that character alive with you on the Halloween day. Remember Halloween is a time to enjoy and comes just once a year so why not add to it that great and remembering touch by dressing up as your favorite character as closely as possible to help everyone around you know how creative and resourceful you are.

Costumes and cosmetics are also available online

If not sure about what to wear and not ready to take the pain of dressing up and choosing you can find endless options for Halloween dresses and cosmetics online. What you need to do is browse the internet for the available options of dresses and cosmetics to help in finding the one that can ideally fit in your needs and budget.

Be stylish by using the transformed footwear range

As times pass by transformation is seen in every product. All the things whether it is a shoe, a dress or any other thing that is utilized by us is continuously being transformed with time to appear more attractive and stylish than before. The transformation of shoe or other type of footwear is making it more stylish, comfortable to perfectly match with all type of dresses.

Different shoes offer different protection, like the outdoor kind of shoes that are worn in summer months in hot countries are created with diverse variety to look stylish as well as comfortable and to protect the foot against the very hot and direct sunrays. On the other way, the sandals are the one that are open and are more exposed to the air. The sandals when wore in the evening time appear to be just a fashion item.

Footwear is an essential utility that is used from the last many decades. The oldest footwear was discovered about ten thousand years back. At that time they were either made up of leather or tree barks. If the shoes were specifically needed for covering rough terrain, then thicker sole of a layer of cork was extra added to the bottom. However, Egyptians made the footwear out of papyrus. In ancient time, such stuff footwear was worn by stage actors. The even ones were worn by comedian actors and the boot selection was favored by horseman and tragedy performers.

In today’s time, the flip flop or thong sandal are worn by maximum number of people. However, this sort of footwear causes irritation in between the space of the big and second toe, thereby causing blisters. One more concern is that most of the time these sandals have spongy soles, which in turn lead to the inward movement of the feet with tensions on the archway of the foot. It is therefore suggested to wear then only when required and not all the time. Especially children who have growing feet should avoid such sandals. The problem is been noticed by several footwear companies, who are trying to offer a more thick and rigid sole to triumph over this issue.

On the other hand this kind of footwear is perfect for the beach. While walking in the course of sand they without difficulty shaken out and even avert the wearer from getting painful feet at the time of walking on extremely hot sand. They look the best when worn with short skirts as wearing them with other type of clothing gives a very silly look.

The recent year is a good time as a lot of fashionable sandals have been launched. This selection consists of either a dais sole or very lofty heeled. These sandals can be worn whole day and even team up with a stylish outfit for day time or sundown wear. They are, consequently, very flexible and are a necessity in this year’s attire. Online stores can be the wisest way to grab the most stylish and unique designs and patterns that too with the best prices.

Make your dream a reality by planning how to build your own home

Every one of us desires to own a dream house. Not only for the reason because it offers a place to stay, but even because it can be the perfect place to spend time and collect some most wonderful memories in the form of time spent with our dear ones. A lot of us remain very particular while buying a house, to make sure that it may include everything that holds importance for us. But in reality building an exact house that we imagine in our dreams is really difficult to obtain. In order to get an exact copy of your dream house be sure to consider the needs and the life style you follow being in a house. Don’t get stupid and go for things, just because they are expensive and attractive, be wise and plan out thoroughly to tailor the house by hiring one of the most excellent custom home builders in your area to get ideas converted into actuality.

Few tips that may assist a builder to construct exactly a same house according to the specific needs of a client are:

1.      The first thing that is to be done is to start with the simplest steps. No need to make use of hi-tech machines or software, just start the imagination of drawing a house with a pencil and a piece of paper. Be careful and create a list of things that you necessarily want to feature in the house. Do even involve house members and ask them about their views and suggestions, as it is your client’s dream house and not yours. A sketch can be the best means to obtain a better understanding of the needs and requirements.

2.      Think about future and then construct the rooms according to that. If you are one living with parents and have 2 or more children then, get an additional bedroom if the space allows otherwise get at least 1 room for every person. Don’t waste the space in including designs and avoiding room’s constructions.

3.      Next thing is to calculate the approximate budget that would be needed to complete a house; one’s whose blue print has been customized. Price is the most important thing that will matter to every client. So, if the dream house construction is getting above the planned budget, then it is wise to obtain the most important aspects from a house rather than making use of cheap material and spoiling the house foundation.

4.      The house that has been constructed must have a proper lighting system. The space should be left to add natural light by means of windows and doors. A good source of natural light is not only to make the house appear bright and fresh but would also be a good way to cut down the huge electricity bill and will also help the house member to obtain natural sunlight which is very importantly needed by every human being.

So following a few of the above mentioned steps, would be able to help a person to obtain the best place to stay that would be exactly like the house that one has always been dreamt of.

Live in luxury that too with affordable rates

When you go on a vacation, you plan to stay at a nice hotel as staying at a nice luxurious place adds more fun to your vacation and also proves to be more comfortable. Since staying at a beautiful plush place that provides several first-rate facilities your enjoyment no doubt increases. Many people are under the impression that luxurious resorts, hotels are very pricey but it is not so, as lavish hotels sometimes might not be that much expensive.

Everybody wants to enjoy their vacation by living at a nice place but some people are not willing to pay a good price for that or might not be able to afford it. So there are various ways by which you can stay at a luxurious place and that too at an economical price. Few of them are -

1.      Booking in advance – Before the day of your departure, you should reserve the room in the hotel which you think is the best for you and provide facilities according to your needs. You can book the hotel even one week before the date you leave for your holiday, but before booking, you should go through their brochures thoroughly.

2.      Discount packages offered by them - various luxurious hotels offer discount and vacation packages. You can get information about them from the travel agencies and also by searching various travel websites. You might face some problem after going there if you have not read their terms and conditions carefully and if you have any queries then you should clear it first. If you go for vacation packages you can possibly save money as they provide a pack of services.

3.      Scheduling in off season – you can also get the enjoyment of luxurious hotels at reasonable price by scheduling the tour in the off season as in those seasons you may get price reduction which would  not be possible otherwise. Sometimes the hotels provide their finest services during these off season days.

4.      Compare the charges - Another thing which you can do is to compare the charges of hotels, including the luxurious ones too. Many of the lavish hotels continue to come up with various offers as well as discounts which can facilitate you to gain an assortment of additional privileges together with a luxurious trip.

Luxurious hotel deals could also organize free of charge or discounted car rentals or vehicle parking, spa services with dining services. Luxurious hotels give price options for various kinds of rooms, suits, villas and you can select from them according to your budget and hence you can enjoy vacation without any worry. They also provide you the service providing you the information about the nearest shopping areas which are cheap and other tourist destinations.

Reserving luxurious hotels has no doubt many facilities as compared to the hotels with quite limited services. Luxurious hotels indeed provide comfortable facilities in every way possible, from sleeping beds to dinner facilities, from sightseeing to giving you spa, outdoor or indoor pool facilities. Thus, you will be able to save your money and get the pleasure of a luxury stay at luxurious hotel at a reasonable price.

Power up with the Google Nexus 7 tablet

If anyone thought that Apple’s iPad series had dominated the tablet sales, they need to think twice when it comes to Nexus 7. The Google Nexus 7 tablet which is powered by Android and made for Google Play, has hit the market with a bang to everyone surprise. Especially their rivals.

This new Nexus tablet has all the technology, which is doubly, powered the world Ist Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Often the very first thing that tablets user searches for in a tablet is comfort, durability and speed and good value for money. This has it all. It has a good 7-inch display, a quad core processor a 9.5-hour battery life, this tab is built to give its users the best that Google has to offer. With the ASUS TruVivid technology, which is 10.45mm thin and weighs only 340gm feels like holding a pack of playing cards.

While browsing and doing works with a few apps open, you don’t have to worry about the loosing power fast. The fact that it has been designed to keep working for a good 10 hours and can be put on standby for nearly 290 hours.

It has a good option of getting anything from 8GB to 16GB at a very reasonable price. Let’s not forget the 6000,000 application games that Google has for you along with the vast range of eBooks, magazines televisions shows and millions of songs to select from. You don’t have to worry about organizing your apps as Google has every app pre-installed automatically making app synced.

Find coupon codes to buy your favorite products

In today’s revolutionary internet world, online shopping has become a daily affair. You are now able to find the best deals, with just a click. There are facilities to compare different products too. What if we can save our money while shopping? And here comes the role of coupons. Clever stores give away free coupons to increase their sales. You can grab the coupons for free, yet get discounts on products. So, one should always look for coupons first, before you buy anything online. And usually it is found that one gets at least 10% off or free shipping. This amount may appear subtle, but think how many dollars you can save in a year. If you want to save money, always find coupons before you buy your favorite products. Here are some instructions that one can follow:

  • The first step is to find out what you want to buy. Different stores have different percentages of discounts to offer. So instead of looking where to buy, first decide on what to shop for. This way you can limit your search, looking for stores that use coupon codes.
  • Now find out what these stores are selling. You can sort out your favorite stores. Select the best stores out of your list.
  • Search in your search engine for coupon codes of the stores you listed down. Do an individual search for each store. You will often find huge discount offers by the stores.
  • Now select the best saving coupons. You will come across various offers like 20% off for purchases above $80 and stuff like that. These coupon codes will cut down your expenses. You might discover some combo packages, like buy these many items and get $10 off etc.
  • Once you have selected the best offer you want to avail, just put your code in the appropriate place and check-out. You will find out the discounts you got in the original price.
  • Follow these steps whenever you do online shopping. Check for coupons for every store, whatever you buy. You will be delighted to find new companies offering fabulous discounts.
  • One can also get subscribed to the websites offering coupon codes. You get emails whenever new offers come or special discounts are available. Many stores also give cards for regular customers. All you have to do is to login with your account and then automatically the discount schemes are made available.


  1. Try you will find better results.
  2. If you are unable to find coupons using one search engine, try different ones. The time you spend is worth it, you might save your hour’s pay by giving just 15 minutes.
  3. Bookmark the web sites offering coupon codes, so that you don’t have to search more in future while shopping.
  4. Take care that the coupons are valid and the offer is still given by the sellers.

So always use coupon codes and grab the best deals on your favorite products