Microsoft Surface Pro

At last the gadget freaks got a device that can work the work of two different devices on one. Microsoft Surface Pro with 64 GB memory can accomplish the work of the laptop and tablet. It is a laptop in the skin of the tablet. The device is designed to fulfill the requirements of a person from the office to the living room. Now you have much more to see and share and actually you can do lots with Microsoft Surface. The clear type HD display (1920×1080 pixels resolution) will ensure that you have never-before experience with your display.

Thin to hold and light to touch, the device is easy to portable. The Microsoft Surface Pro has got many touch-enhanced applications which will give you the experience of the smooth running of software like you get on your desktop. The user has got the freedom to work the way he or she want to. Microsoft Surface Pro runs all the Windows 7 desktop applications and also gets integrated with the enterprise management. The device has the height of 6.8″ and width of 10.8″ and depth of 0.5″ having a slim appearance and weight 2 pounds, very light to handle.

Some of the important features of the product are-

1> Has support for full office- one can run Microsoft outlook, word, Share Point Designer, Power Point and others on Microsoft Office Pro.

2> Uses the Intel Core i5-3317U Processor with 1.7 GHz processor speed.

3> Has a resolution of 1920×1080 on a wide screen with a ratio of 16:9

4> The surface is well-finished having an elegant look. The finish has a smooth feel and look and seems durable.

5> The Microsoft Surface-Pro comes with a kickstand so that the users can have hands-free experience. One can use the surface stand while watching the movie or shooting video.

6> The device comes with a Stylus pen that allows one to note down ideas at any point. The stylus can be used as the replacement of the mouse very easily.

7> Now it is possible to add 64 GB extra storage by using the card slot for MicroSD. Enjoy movies or video shoot on the big screen.

8> The Wi-fi connectivity is built-in using wireless LAN and dual 2×2 MIMO antennas.

9> The device comes with front and back 720 pixels video cameras with HD. It is possible to have hands-free Skype video chat.

10> The device comes compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices e.g. wireless keyboard, mouse etc.

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The Android fans can run Android application on Surface Pro. The fantastic hardware used, faster speed than any other tablet based on ARM, extensive hardware compatibility, using more enterprise and business features as compared to any other similar device (the features ADS (active directory support), encryption for Bit locker, centrally managed, log-ins for multi use etc. and stylus (pressure sensitive feature) makes Microsoft Surface Pro one of the most preferred device for the users. The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with Windows 8 Pro that makes it one of the most powerful tablets and it is one of the fastest tablets of the recent time. Take one today. It the latest gadget for the gadget freaks.

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